St. Paisius Orthodox Church

Come and experience...

The Faith of our Fathers.

The Eastern Orthodox Church keeps the ancient Christian faith, unchanged, from the time of the Apostles. 


The Divine Liturgy

The Divine Liturgy is at the core of the Church's many services, wherein we celebrate the sacrifice that our Lord made for us in the Holy Communion. It is a solemn and celebratory service all in one. We partake of this service for the enrichment of our souls and the health of our bodies, in gratitude to God. 

The service of the Divine Liturgy that is most commonly celebrated is attributed to Saint John Chrysostom, the archbishop of Constantinople from 397 A.D. until his death in 407 A.D.   

Read a letter from our priest, Father Thomas, about our first Divine Liturgy as a new parish here.


Sharing our Love for Christ

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." - Proverbs 22:6

When love for another person is in the heart, it always desires that which is best for him. With this love, we yearn to share Christ with all people - our own families and our children as well as complete strangers. This is not a loud, boisterous, or invasion kind of sharing, but rather a patient responsiveness. A Christian should not be a clanging symbol, yelling at people to "convert" them, but rather, a true servant of the Lord in his manner and temperament. 


The Impact of the Truth

The Orthodox Faith is the ancient faith of the Apostles. The Orthodox Church has given the world the unadulterated and unchanged truth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ since the time of His Resurrection. The Church, through the work of the Holy Spirit, has compiled the Holy Scriptures (the Bible) and the Nicene Creed and continues to impart timeless guidance and care to the world by preserving the original Christian doctrine.

33 A.D.

The Birth of the orthodox church

Our Lord's death and resurrection marks the beginning of the Church on Earth.


300+ Million

orthodox christians in the world

Common in the Eastern world and the best-kept secret in the Western world, the Church remains as She was from the beginning.



true, catholic, and apostolic faith

"...the faith which was once delivered unto the saints." -Jude 1:3


Who We Are

Our parish is made up of many former Protestant Christians who found the true Christian faith by purposely seeking it out. We also have some native Russian speakers in our parish who have a deep knowledge of specific Russian Orthodox traditions and general Christian struggles in modern atheistic times. Together, we all strive to respect and love God and one another,  understand and keep the Orthodox faith,  and grow our parish in the years to come. 

Old calendar

Of five local parishes, ours is the only "Old Calendar" Orthodox parish in Fort Wayne; we love and respect our Orthodox brethren in this great city, but as most Orthodox Christians throughout the world, we still keep the traditional Church calendar.  This means that the parishes on the "New Calendar" have alternate Feast Days and fasting cycles; the exception is the Lenten and Paschal (Easter) dates, for which New Calendar parishes continue to use the Old Calendar.

modern "christianity" and ecumenism

The modern landscape of Western Christianity is evidence of a long-standing divergence from ancient Church dogma. Beginning with the Roman schism from the Orthodox Church in the 11th century, 50,000+ denominations, all with varying doctrines, now ironically profess to be unified to Christ's teaching and to each other. The Church calls all back into Her fold, out of love for all mankind. 


“Love for Christ overflows into love for one’s neighbor, love for truth, love for holiness, for the world, for purity, for everything divine, for everything deathless and eternal.."

Saint justin popovich


Get Involved

Every day, opportunities to do good work comes to each of us. Whether it's holding our tongue when we want to argue or spending an extra fifteen minutes helping an elderly person with their groceries, we all can impact the world around us for the better. In our beautiful country, God has richly given His physical blessings to so many of us. Please consider making a generous gift of any amount to help the mission of the Church in the world: here in Fort Wayne, in America, and overseas. 


International orthodox christian charities

IOCC has mission fields throughout the world which provide educational, medical, and personal help to the needy. 

holy trinity monastery and seminary

Since 1948, Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY  has relied on the kindness of Christians everywhere to support the monks, the monastery grounds and cemetery, the staff , outreach programs, and the seminary and students.

donate to our parish

Our small parish cannot pay our priest, who also works a full-time job and has a family, like most priests of the Russian Church in America. We ask for your generous help to support Father Thomas's sacrifices and our on-going expenses.